The man, the idea, and the ideal target system.

Hey there friend!  My name is Greg, creator of The Last Stand target system and THIS is the story behind where the idea came from.

There we stood, standing in the morning snow of the Southwest Idaho desert, freezing our tails off, waiting for the remaining member of our party.

I had been invited to go Long Range shooting with some friends and not really having much experience with long range, I was excited to go along and see what I could learn about this precision sport . What I learned was, there is a lot to be desired in Target Stands!

The person we had been waiting on was the guy with all the Target Stands and steel gongs. Target Stands that filled the entire bed of his pickup and there were only 4 of them.

A menagerie of saw horses, frames and chain, to support 4 gongs to be placed at various distances out to 800 yards.

So to work we go, humping this lumber yard of wood out to 100 to 800 yards and then returned to the rifles to finally put rounds on steel.

Once prone, behind the scope, we discovered that the furthest target stand was not even visible as the rolling desert terrain was obscuring the view of the gong… another target stand was having trouble standing still with the wind that was blowing and being on rocky terrain…not that it mattered that much, as one of the first few rounds downrange hit the upright wood and the stand toppled over the splintered leg.

I had the thought run through my mind that “there must be a better way” to design target stands!

Off to the napkin I went and listed the benefits that a target stand should have.

Here’s what the ideal target system needs:

The target stand should be much more compact, so you don’t have to have a truck to haul it to the range.

A target stand should be free standing, not requiring stakes or rocks or whatever, to hold it in place.

There should be adjustable legs to adapt to any uneven terrain, slope, side hill etc.

It should be able to support larger plates/gongs or even several plates.

It’s got to be affordable.

And above all, it should be survivable! (Everything downrange eventually gets hit)

The End Result

From this list, I designed The Last Stand.  I’d hope it would be the Last target stand you would ever need to invest in.

Our Patented design of The Last Stand target system allows the user to fulfill all of these requirements.

I designed this target system to enable you to fold it for compact storage and easy transportation to the range.

The design presents very little exposure to bullet impact other than the intended target.   Bullets will typically ding a piece of rebar but not cut or break the leg. That means that your trip to the range is uninterrupted. Re-bar is also inexpensive and easy to obtain for your stand or repairs.

My Last Stand target system components are molded of a highly durable thermoplastic polymer that survives bullet impacts without shattering.  Similar to the self-healing target materials.

The Last Stand target stand can support weights up to 70+ pounds.

Because of the fully adjustable legs you can vary the terrain in which it is used and never limit where you can train.