The Last Stand target stand prevents this kind of garbage from turning our shooting ranges into garbage dumps and being shut down.Target Stand Mission 1#

The Last Stand target stand is about conservation of the sport of shooting and it’s public ranges.  It provides a platform that fits all the shooting needs while reducing the trash targets left on the ranges.

Creating The Last Stand target stand, for us, was a two-fold mission. We constantly drive down to our favorite shooting spot located on public land only to find piles of garbage, shot up appliances and broken glass. One trip, we even found someone had dumped out their truck bed camper and shot it all to pieces. The piles of wood, broken glass, home furnishings will, at some point in the future, lead to the closure of that range.

As shooters, conservation is our number one priority.  We love the sport of shooting, we love hunting and we love guns. If we don’t preserve the public lands we do these things we love, we will most certainly lose our abilities to do them. The Last Stand target stand was created to provide our community with a solution that allows all the pieces of shooting we love and removing or reducing all the parts we don’t. Pack it up in virtually any vehicle, set up quickly, pick up brass, pack up the stand and the range never knew you were there.

Target Stand Mission #2

Give time back to the shooter to allow him more training time to become as proficient with his weapon as possible.

The second part of our mission is simply this, provide the shooter more time to shoot. As outlined on “The Ideal Target System“, when you are hiking out 500 to 800 to 1000 yards, the LAST thing you want to have to do is continually hike back to the target to pick it back up after knocking it over or shooting it apart. That doesn’t even bring into consideration the time it takes in design, construction, welding, etc. Add to all of that time the fact that if you are shooting at paper you have to walk all the way to the target 800 yards out to really know where you are hitting it.

Are you with us?

All of these potential time drains are taking away from your time behind the gun.  One of the major issues for gun critics is the irresponsible gun practices of a lot of novice shooters that has either gotten someone killed, hurt or at least scared to death. Building target stands is not going to help us become more proficient with our firearms. That is why The Last Stand target stand should be the only target stand you use. Set it up one time (unless you are pounding it with .50 cal) and hear the ping of the steel when you hit your target. No more time spent walking to the target to see if you hit it. No more setting the target stand back up over and over again when it gets knocked over. Just more time shooting.

Help us in our mission to conserve our sport and ranges and allow shooters more time behind their guns than at their target stands and pick up your Last Stand today!