The BEST DIY Target Stand EVER!

The Last Stand DIY target stand kit can go anywhere easily and affordably.

6 Reasons why The Last Stand DIY target stand kit is a must have for every shooter.

The Last Stand is the BEST DIY target stand in the world.  When it comes to target stands, the designs are many, the options plentiful, but the cost is nearly always extravagant…that is unless you go the DIY route. Even some of these home brew options can dent the wallet pretty well.  If you are like me, you’d rather spend your money on guns and ammo instead of expensive target stands you’re just going to blow to bits.  So how do you get the durability and reliability, of a professional level manufactured target stand closer to the cost of your favorite DIY design?  The Last Stand has you covered.

There is no option on the market, more stable, more durable, more mobile, more versatile, more customizable, and more affordable than The Last Stand target stand system.  It’s the perfect blend of manufactured parts and a DIY target stand.  You provide the rebar, The Last Stand provides the plastic components to create the stand and hang your favorite steel targets.  Let’s face it, rebar is cheaper than lumber in most cases.  If a stray bullet strikes the rebar it bends a little and you bend it back.  If it sheers the rebar, you replace it with one five foot stick of rebar.

The design really is genius.  Take cheap rebar and pair that with bullet resistant self-healing plastic components and you have, literally, years of life from your target stand.  Heck it’s these kits are so affordable you can build your own range with multiple stands often times for much less than a single professional grade stand.

Let’s break down The Last Stand DIY target stand kit so we can understand why it’s worth every penny and more.


The Last Stand provides a very wide stance.  The wider you spread the legs the more stable it gets.  Because the joints holding the legs are made of a self-healing plastic rubber compound it gives flexibility to the stand so the shock of each round fired is absorbed easily.  In testing, we hit this stand with an AR50 .50 caliber rifle at less than 200 yards!  It withstood a couple hits, but I will admit…it didn’t survive them all, but still…that’s impressive!  A lot of customers first concern was knocking the thing over because at first, it seems wobbly, but the second your first shot rings that steel you immediately realize the stand isn’t going anywhere.


How well do the plastic components take a bullet?  Incredibly well!  It’s self-healing so it can take a LOT of direct hits and keep going.  After all, do you want to spend time resetting and repairing targets or shooting?  You don’t have to answer that…I know your answer.  The rebar is the least durable but it’s so cheap…just take a couple extra sticks in the rare event that tiny little bullet finds it’s mark and sheers one in half.

The Last Stand DIY target stand kit can easily set up for training in real world scenarios.


It shouldn’t take a truck load of materials just to go shooting.  The beauty of The Last Stand is that it’s only 5 ft long and you know how thin rebar is.  I have fit my target stand in a Mazda 3 hatchback.  The gas mileage, since my range is a ways a way, is much better in the Mazda than the Ford F150.  Couple it’s ability to fit in small spaces with the fact that it’s reasonably light even with a steel plate on it, my wife can carry it with one hand.  That means, if she wants to get more proficient with her firearm, she can load the stand into the car and head to the range.


Not every range is created equal.  Hell, you may not always go to a “Range” to go shooting.  You might want to go train in the woods.  Most target stands can only work effectively on flat ground.  Without flat ground, one shot and you are going “cold range” to go set it back up again and ain’t nobody got time for that.  With the adjustable legs on The Last Stand, you can set up your stand on the side of a hill leaving the downhill legs longer and shortening the uphill legs so that your steel stays level  and it will take those hits all day.  This gives you options when you build a customer training range that allows quick deployment of the stands one time then the rest of the time can be spent actually training.

The Last Stand DIY target stand kit can be customized with multiple targets for optimal training scenarios.CUSTOMIZABLE –

With The Last Stand plate hangers you can configure each stand with multiple steel targets in varying sizes to maximize your training.  You can even utilize a longer cross bar with a third support bracket and set of legs to support it in the middle and create yourself a plate rack system for 3-Gun training.  You can hang steel or paper targets from The Last Stand and heck, you can even put it over a fire and hang a Dutch oven from it at your favorite camping spot!


There is no better “Bang for your buck” than The Last Stand target stand system (pardon the pun).  At $118 for The Last Stand brackets, set of plate hangers, AR500 steel and hardware and approximately $13 for 6 five foot lengths of rebar…you will get the best and longest lasting target system on the market which leaves you more money to spend on ammo and more time to shoot said ammo.  We’ve had customers with stands in the field for 5 years still going strong so purchase with confidence.

If that’s not enough reason for you to purchase then check your pulse!  There is not a better option for the average shooter that just wants to have fun and shoot guns without the hassle of target manufacturing and construction.  The Last Stand is the best blend of DIY target stand and Manufactured target stand.  This stand will give you years of use and enjoyment so get yourself The Last Stand DIY target stand kit and go build your range.  We’ll see you in the field!

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