Public lands and the private shooter

Public lands are a real benefit for those of us that don’t own our own 40 Acres and a mule! However, often times when I have gone to enjoy some time target shooting on Public Lands, I am discouraged to find that some people treat it as a Public Landfill.

This attitude and abuse of our common lands show a sad disregard for others and also eventually leads to the closure of those areas to the activities we enjoy.Good stewardship of Public Lands is something we should all take as seriously and hold ourselves to the old adage “Pack it in, Pack it out”.. This is one of the primary reasons I designed The Last Stand Target systems.. The ability to make Pack it in, Pack it out as simple as carrying your firearms to the range!

Having a professional platform that is a perfect partner to your firearms training and enjoyment is also one that you want to take with you and be careful to take home with you when you are done..The Last Stand is also an extremely adaptable system that allows you to utilize virtually any topography and ground surface offering you the enjoyment of practicing and training on a huge variety of surfaces..I encourage you to invest in our Public Lands by investing in your commitment to preserve it..  

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